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AC / Single Deck (Snap on-cruciform perimeter-base)
AC / Single Deck (Snap on-cruciform perimeter-base) ( AC Series )
The loading of product can regulate by client requirement.
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| Product Introduction

  Stacked pallet:

Characteristics of pallet

1.One piece forming by blow molding method. The structure is designed to bear high load.(Main Frame)
2.HDPE material products for resistance to chemical, waterproof, mothproof, prevent termite, washable, and non-toxic.
3.No screws, nails, and shape edges designed to protect operators and products.
4.Suitable for food factory, pharmaceutical factory, electronic and chemical industries.
5.Conveyable, Reusable and pile up for saving the space.
6.Four ways or two ways lead-in, easily maintain. (Depend on designed)
7.Using period is longer than tranditional wooden pallet.
8.100% recycled materials and could be re-using.
9.Passing international patent of new pallet design. 
(America, China, Japan, Malaysia and Taiwan)

| Function & Specification Explanation

  Top view
Bottom view:                                        Side view 

| Test Video

 (1.) AC-11112 Tons Dynamic Load Test

AC-11112M Drop Test

 (3.) AC-11113 Tons Static Load Test

| Safe Authentication

 Testing by standard CNS8170 Method of Test for Flat Pallets.